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At Operation: Wealth Academy,
our vision is clear

We exist to close the wealth gap and empower individuals from diverse backgrounds to achieve financial independence through entrepreneurship. We believe that by equipping students and small business owners with the right knowledge, tools, and support, we can unlock their potential and pave the way for generational wealth.

Youth Entrepreneurship Initiative:

Tailored programs for schools that inspire young minds to think creatively, critically, and entrepreneurially. We believe that early entrepreneurshipeducation fosters innovation and prepares students for future success.

Small Business Foundation:

Customized support for startups and small business owners, ensuring they have the people, processes, and systems in place for sustainable growth.

Speaking Engagements
Training & Development:

Motivational and educational talks that empower audiences to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams and drive meaningful change.

"Students are able to acquire the skillset and the knowledge they need...especially for students who have unpredictable journeys."

Chavenne Scott    –                                                                            Assistant Principal, Crotona International High School.


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    About Us

    Operation: Wealth Academy is part of a dynamic trio of businesses—Prolific Management & Consulting Corporation, Roy’s Agency Inc., and OperationWealth Academy—focused on driving lasting change through entrepreneurship education for youth, small business support, and community engagement. Our mission is simple: bridge the wealth gap, champion diversity, and cultivate a culture of entrepreneurial excellence.

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